We all know that exercise is one of the most effective disease prevention behaviours and has tremendous impact on; reducing feelings of depression, improving stamina and strength, reducing obesity and risks of cardiovascular disease just to name a few. Workplace exercise can range from simple to extensive, with varying implementation costs. The primary purposes of workplace interventions are to encourage employee education, and physical activity to help promote a unified culture.

We practise what we preach! Our PaddleCore team has taken on the challenge of physical activity at the office and we have been training for the Fanfit Challenge. You can see our video here.

Not only are we bettering our health, we’re working together, increasing productivity at work and best of all, giving back to our Canadian Olympians who continue to inspire excellence every day. This is a low cost and high reward activity that YOU should try! It doesn’t matter the level.

And… when you do have time to plan an afternoon event, tie in fun and exercise with core team building skills by calling PaddleCore about a dragonboat experience, created for your specific needs! You will see the results in the office!