Check out a preview of PaddleCore’s Phases of the Dragonboat Stroke!

From beginners to experts these fundamentals are critical and will simplify and improve your stroke.

PaddleCore was in Long Beach California last week delivering a Coaching Workshop. Focusing on progressive dragonboat technique and program design, the workshop was a hit and we’re looking forward to seeing the Long Beach and regional teams compete in 2014! Long Beach is also home to one of the West Coast’s best dragonboat races, the Long Beach Dragonboat Festival scheduled for July 26th and 27th. If your team is looking for a beautiful destination race with lots of great competition go to for more information.

If your team or organization is interested in a coaching or technical workshop (of any size), contact PaddleCore.

Stay tuned for PaddleCore’s special release of the dragonboat stroke phases!

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