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Latest News from PaddleCore

We all know that exercise is one of the most effective disease prevention behaviours and has tremendous impact on; reducing feelings of depression, improving stamina and strength, reducing obesity and risks of cardiovascular disease just to name a few. Workplace exercise can range from simple to extensive, with varying implementation costs. The primary purposes of workplace interventions are to encourage employee education, and physical activity to help promote a unified culture.

We practise what we preach! Our PaddleCore team has taken on the challenge of physical activity at the office and we have been training for the Fanfit Challenge. You can see our video here.

Not only are we bettering our health, we’re working together, increasing productivity at work and best of all, giving back to our Canadian Olympians who continue to inspire excellence every day. This is a low cost and high reward activity that YOU should try! It doesn’t matter the level.

And… when you do have time to plan an afternoon event, tie in fun and exercise with core team building skills by calling PaddleCore about a dragonboat experience, created for your specific needs! You will see the results in the office!


Q&A With Chrissy Wessman, Paddlecore Partner

With the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games happening and Canada’s Laurence Vincent-Lapointe winning the first Pan Am gold awarded to a woman in sprint canoe, Chrissy Wessman, talks paddling because she realizes the skills in team boats help prepare for success in a corporate environment.

One of the reasons Paddlecore is at the top of its team­building game?
We’ve got top­ tier athletes. Meet Chrissy Wessman, Partner with Paddlecore and 11­ time paddling world champion.

How long have you been involved in competitive paddling?
I’ve been doing dragon boating for 15 years and sprint canoeing for 12 years.

chrissy c4

C4 (Four person sprint canoe) Canadian Record Holders: Chrissy Wessman, Eve Loek, Jessica Rando, Lynne Atwill.

What’s the difference between sprint canoeing and canoeing?
The way most people think of canoeing is the traditional, cottage­ style canoe with two people in it, it’s a more stable boat to enjoy the outdoors. The sprint canoe is a streamlined boat that’s narrow, and meant for going fast on flat water. In a sprint canoe you kneel on one knee and paddle on one side. You steer each stroke but you could never tell from looking at it because it’s so efficient. The one person canoe is wide enough for your knee, basically. There is C1, C2, C4 and C14; one, two, four and fourteen people canoes.


Sprint canoeing made headlines recently when Laurence Vincent-Lapointe won gold at the Pan Ams.
Yes, I was so glad that she won, and it’s great to see Canada is still at the top of the program. I’m most excited that C­1 for women is finally part of the Pan Am Games, because that makes us about 10 steps closer to being in the Olympics. We are en route be in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. (When I paddled, I was able to win at the Pan Am Championships but this was the highest level of competition, so the Pan Games news is fantastic!)

Why isn’t it in the Olympics?
You need money and funding to build good, Olympic ­level programs, but not enough countries want to put that forward if the sport is not in the Olympics. So it’s a Catch 22. It’s hard to attract as well as retain good athletes when there isn’t that level of competition.

How do the skills athletes develop at this level translate to dragonboating?


Taylor Potts, one of Canada’s top C1 paddlers.

A lot of our team facilitators at Paddlecore are high ­level athletes who can bring the team­building skills they’ve learned from international training back into the real world and our office. Taylor Potts, who’s currently one of the world’s best sprint canoe paddlers, is one of our newest team members at Paddlecore. She’s sharing the most recent expertise that comes from being a high­ performance athlete in 2015, which includes performance psychology and training techniques, that can be applied to team­building for any group, including those from the corporate world.

Does dragonboating belong at the Olympics?
I would love to see dragonboating as part of the Olympics, I realize that the numbers that come with dragonboat are a challenge. One way around that would be accepting 10 person dragonboats rather than 20 person dragonboats.

What’s Canada’s worldwide standing in dragon boating?
Paddling and rowing, Canada is very, very strong. We’ve always had an extremely strong presence in evolving the stroke to where it is now – we’ve been a leader.

cw db 3

Germany 2005: Canada’s Premiere Women’s Gold Medalists at the IDBF World Championships.

From 1999 – 2005 we won three IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) Cups, which means that our premiere teams are the best of everybody, it doesn’t matter the age or category. I was fortunate enough to paddle on those dream teams but Blake Hara, PaddleCore’s other partner, was the coach then, one of the only coaches in Canada to win the coveted IDBF Cup.




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Paddlecore is hard at work creating an online software that will bring together dragonboating communities from across North America, and make it easier for you and your team to stay connected. Enjoy better access to clubs, captains, paddlers, coaches, companies, products, and sponsors. Race organizers can more easily manage their event, captains can manage their rosters and register for more than one event and paddlers will be able to view their schedules and be a part of the community, all from a single point of access. Spend less time managing and more time paddling!

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Experience Charleston

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.12.51 PMJoin the PaddleCore Team in beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina this spring on the banks of the Ashley River for PaddleCore’s Annual Spring Training Camp, March 29th – April 4th, 2015.

One of North America’s top travel destinations, Charleston is known for its southern hospitality, beautiful architecture and rich history. It was recently name #1 Best US City be Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice awards and was described as a “jewel box” by Editor-in-Chief, Pilar Guzman. See video and read more here.

PaddleCore’s camp is designed for all ages and levels of participants. Whether you have just started the sport or have just finished competing at the world championships, our camp will help you reach your paddling goals and take you to the next level. Please note that ALL paddlers are welcome; whether you come as a team or decide to come on your own!

With expertise from world-class coaches, camp will focus on improving your dragonboat stroke, overall fitness, and other complementary activities. It’s sure to be rewarding event!

For more information please see our Camp Brochure. We have an Early Bird Special which ends this Friday, so book now and save! Early Bird rates are $395 (HST incl.) per registrant. After October 31st the price will go up to $446. To register online please click here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Stacy Ricci (

We look forward to seeing you in sunny South Carolina!

PaddleCore Spring Training Camp in Charleston!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.41.04 PMJoin PaddleCore in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina for their Spring Training Camp from March 29th – April 4th!
PaddleCore’s camp is a comprehensive program designed for all ages and levels of participants.  Whether you just started paddling or have competed at the world championships this camp will help you reach the next level!

Click here to view the brochure!

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